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Dogs are fantastic, humorous, devoted, and energetic animals that make fantastic housemates, but what exactly is the reasoning behind their canine bliss?

Author Yvonne Bronstorph has written a book titled “Dogs With Attitude,” and it’s in there that she shares the story of five dogs and their antics. The book was written with pet owners and animals alike in mind. It honors all the furry friends who cherished us, looked out for us, and made our life so much fun.

Most dog owners know how fortunate they are to have one or more pets. They’ve seen their pet dogs run around with nothing but happiness fueling them. Yet none of them knows what exactly is the reason why their dogs are always so happy.

That is what we’ll be talking about today, and we’ll try to figure out and answer the question, “Why are dogs always happy?”

Reason #1: Dogs Always Find Things to Make Their Favorites

When a dog receives a ball, his body expression is likely to exclaim, “Chasing balls! My preferred item!” But the story changes if you pause and stroke the dog’s ears. Suddenly, the voice says, “Rubbing my ears! It’s my favorite thing to do!”

This pattern of thinking is repeated throughout everything. Car rides, walks, snuggling on the bed or couch, literally everything can become a dog’s favorite thing.

Reason #2: Our Canine Friends Know How to Achieve Maximum Comfort

A dog will always find the softest spot on the rug or the shade beneath a tree. Dogs can occupy the most desirable area of the bed, sneak to the off-limits item of furniture, lie onto a lap, or claw at a cushion to position it precisely.

Reason #3: Dogs Always Live in the Moment and for Their Dog Antics

One secret to the psychology of dogs’ happiness and canine bliss dogs enjoy is the fact that they don’t dwell on what happened the previous week or worry about potential future events. It’s all about the present.

A dog is content if it is doing something wonderful right now. And the most important thing is to be happy right now. The joy of the now is sucked out by thinking about past experiences or the future, so they opt not to worry about it.

Author Yvonne Bronstorph admires this characteristic, so she wrote about five dogs and their antics to showcase how carefree and in-the-moment dogs are. We should try to embody this in-the-moment style in our lives more.

Reason #4: Canine Bliss is Expounded by Eating Anything You Can

Dogs tend to eat anything that they can chew and swallow. While this can be dangerous at times, appreciating a variety of foods can improve one’s life. Whether it be high-quality dog food or something special you cooked up for them, dogs will consume them with pleasure.

Reason #5: Dogs are Quick to Forgive and Easy to Love

Man’s best friend rarely holds any grudges, especially about getting hurt or experiencing some slights. They can be squeezed, stepped on, and kicked many times; they will continue to see what happened as an accident.

Dogs are quick to forgive and easy to love. All it takes is a heartfelt apology and a hug; our canine companions will hastily get over what happened. Our furry buddies don’t allow resentment to overcast even the bluest of skies.

Reason #6: Domestication has Increased Dogs’ Friendliness

Dogs may have developed to be friendlier to people than their wolf ancestors, who spent lengthy periods in the wild after several thousand years of taming by humans. Another factor is that dogs know the love is mutual between them and their fur parents.

As young humans cling to their parents, dogs form close bonds with their owners. Dogs, like infants, exhibit distress once left with an unfamiliar person and run to reconnect when their owner returns. They hold on tight to the love and affection they share with their owners.

Keep Dogs Happy by Loving Them Unconditionally

Understanding your dog’s thoughts can satisfy both your interest in learning about your pet and your desire to make sure your dog leads a happy, fulfilling life. You can do more to meet your furry friends’ needs the more you understand about them.

Help maintain the canine bliss in your pet by reading Yvonne Bronstorph’s book, “Dogs With Attitude,” and know the tale of the five dogs and their antics. It’s a fun book with lovely pictures with nothing but wholesome joy embedded in them.

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