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We all accept the fact that dogs are angels, as they have been with us as our best friends, helpful guides, and family. 

A man’s best friend. A loyal friend. A reliable guard and shepherd.

We all believe that a dog has its purpose in our lives. They remain loyal to us, and they will always love us purely. But have you thought that dogs are angels in disguise? Have they always been heaven-sent?

Yvonne Bronstorph’s Dogs with Attitude” introduces us to the author’s five (5) childhood dogs that were with her all their lives. Each dog has its own attitude, making them distinct from one another. In their time with her, they spent their lives with pure love, fun, adventure, bravery, loyalty, and a little bit of childish mischief.

Reading about the attitudes of dogs can always make us feel giddy and excited about these fur balls. It’s as if we are living with a toddler who loves us with innocence and pure intentions. Here are reasons why dogs are angels:

Dogs as spirit guides

Spirit guides are a kind of angel that guides us in our life trajectories. Manifesting through dreams, people believe that their departed dogs’ spirits will help them with their life decisions and journeys. So, have you dreamed about your dog that had departed? Some say that these angels come back in dreams to send you their message, protection, and love.

Dogs as totem animals

In some Native American tribes, the animals that reside in their locality represent their clan. They believe that these animals have the spirit of their ancestors. Moreover, they call them “totem animals.” They consider these creatures as physical, spiritual guides that they call upon to help them with life decisions.

In common homes, we have dogs, cats, raccoons, rodents, and birds. If we follow this spiritual guide system, our dogs could have an ancestral spirit in the area. Sometimes, when we are at our lowest, the dog comes up, takes care of us, and even gives us signs that could help us with what we need to do.

Dogs as divine messengers

Dogs have their way of communicating with us. Sometimes, these are codes that only their owners can understand. Dogs naturally have affective empathy like us. With this, we communicate with them through gestures and emotions that no other people can take notice of.

 Our dogs are naturally compassionate, altruistic, loyal, and loving. They even impart their wisdom to us through their skills, energy, and selflessness. Furthermore, they come up as messengers from God.

Dogs as therapists

When we are at rock bottom, the first “friend” that comes to comfort us are our dogs. We have already talked about how dogs have affective empathy. They understand us through emotions as a language. Dogs are the first animals that come to mind whenever a person needs emotional support for mental health. They are also highly recommended by professionals as they bring positivity to people experiencing serious mental issues, such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Dogs as inspirations

For many people, dogs are their children. They are an inspiration. A lot of people who cannot bear children will resort to adopting dogs rather than adopting children. Why? Because it’s easier and more convenient. Plus, they don’t usually nag like teens, as they remain children forever.

Going back, dogs provide deep inspiration for some artists. Songwriters wrote songs about dogs, like Chris Young’s All Dogs Go to Heaven, about a pet dog passing away, or Carrie Underwood’s More Boys I Meet, about loving the dog more than spending another time with a boy.

Dogs with Attitude by Yvonne Bronstorph is a book about her experiences with her childhood dogs. She was inspired to show and tell about the fur balls that gave colors and fun to her life growing up.

As angels do, our dogs give us inspiration that should enhance our skills and talents. They are our guiding light when we get lost in the blank canvas.

Dogs as best friends

Dogs are our best friends. Again, they are loving, courageous, and loyal. They will love with their entire lives unconditionally. Sometimes, we think we don’t deserve dogs, as they will always love us no matter what. Indeed, they will always be there when we are down. They communicate with us when they feel like we need someone to talk to. Furthermore, they will always be there in the darkest times of our lives.

Dogs are angels on earth, a match made in heaven.

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