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Dogs are very loyal companions. It’s why they’re deemed as man’s best friend. But how can you, as their companion, show your loyalty to them ’til the very end?

Dogs have been a great company to people from time immemorial. Among the several domesticated animals, dogs have always claimed the spot as man’s best friend, their best companions.

By nature, dogs are pack animals. They actively seek and thrive in affection and attention. Hence, it’s no wonder they’ve become rather incredible friends to people, cuddly and affectionate for most. And this connection goes both ways, is natural, and, perhaps, is bound to happen as people and dogs are social beings, thriving in each other’s company.

Dogs have proven themselves worthy of being man’s best friend time and time again.

They’re the absolute, most unselfish companion one can imagine having in this selfish world. With their tender spirit, dogs are loyal, understanding, and often selfless, putting themselves at risk for their companions. While humans may come and go, dogs patiently await their companion’s return, excitedly wagging their tails and greeting them warmly upon their return.

However, as with everything in life, even the best things, there will always come an end.

Losing a Dog Is Like Losing Family

The heartbreak upon losing a loyal companion who’s always present is unbearable. To some, this means bidding their best friend or family member goodbye. To others, this loss will weigh so much that they’ll feel as though a piece of their heart has also left them.

While the reality is brutal and often heartless, it’s better to face it sooner. The grieving process may be unique to everyone, but it’s an essential and critical step to moving forward. Parting will never be easy. A man’s best friend will never be replaced. But this doesn’t mean their memories shouldn’t be celebrated and cherished.

This is what Yvonne Bronstorph did in her book, Dogs with Attitude. Chiefly a book showcasing the adorable antics of five different dogs, the author dedicated it to pet owners and their lovable pets. She mentioned having written the book to celebrate the memories of these companions who had once loved their owners deeply. Using them as characters in a story is an excellent way to capture and treasure their essence as they’re gone.

Memorial Ideas for Man’s Best Friend

Preserving their memories doesn’t have to be through a book solely. There are many ways to grieve healthily over the loss of a pet. Here are some symbolic ways to keep their memory alive.

Have a Funeral

There’s no more powerful way to grieve over the loss than holding a small but meaningful gathering in memory of the furry companion. Funerals don’t always have to be about mourning symbolically. They can also be a means to celebrate a life that was once there. This event can be a wonderful way to gather and be with them one last time before sending them away. Pet owners can choose a burial spot at home. This way, they can always spend birthdays or special occasions with their pets.

Repurpose Their Belongings

It’s always the little things that matter in remembering one’s pets. Memories spent together can remain within the items they’re always with. This can be their blanket or their favorite toy. Regardless of which the owners choose, repurposing or reusing their pets’ belongings means having something about them to keep by their sides.

What’s excellent about repurposing their belongings is that everyone in the family can carry a piece of their pet’s memory. Everyone can also join the engaging activity of crafting these items from scratch. They can even have a little photoshoot with these belongings to keep the memory longer.

Keep Their Mark

Pet owners can remember feeling giddy about looking at their pets’ prints whenever they’re outside. These prints or marks don’t have to disappear when they do. Having something that’s part of them trapped in time can spark the most intimate and beautiful memories. Making a print from their body parts is an excellent way to keep a remembrance of what these pets look like.

However, this means remembering or doing this before things are too late. These marks can be framed and put on the wall for everyone to relish the memories. Their paw prints can also make adorable tattoos for pet owners daring enough to get one. Some get these marks tattooed near their hearts or hands for a more symbolic and meaningful gesture.

A Life in Exchange

Aside from being man’s best friend, dogs are also known to be great stick gatherers. Sure, not all dogs love playing catch with sticks, but those that do certainly lose their minds when playing. Planting a tree can still be a great way to treasure their memories, even for dogs that don’t love sticks.

Pet owners can treat it like they’re giving life in exchange for one that’s taken. This can be a symbolic gesture – when the tree gets bigger, so does their love for their dogs. Trees can stand as a lasting memory for the dog, but they also enrich the world. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. Pet owners aren’t only celebrating their pets’ lives. They’re also helping the world with a little gesture.

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